For as long as I can remember, I have had a strong passion for art, especially drawing and painting wildlife and the landscape around me. Growing up in a small rural town in the west of Ireland, I would (and still do) spend hours roaming about the countryside, always on the lookout for foxes, badgers, pheasants and so on.  I frequently sketch in the countryside, trying as much as possible to observe wildlife from life rather than photographs when possible, as in my opinion, observation from life  is the key to truly understanding my subjects and therefore producing much stronger artwork, while also thoroughly rewarding.
 I try to improve my skills on every painting. I am admittedly a huge perfectionist,  and consider failure as an important learning curve on the road to success. I must admit that my bin is almost always full of discarded paper and canvas from failed painting attempts- I never let a piece I feel to be not good enough out of my studio!

I am currently studying Fine Art/ Art Education in NCAD, Dublin.

I am always happy to undertake commissions in portraiture, landscape and wildlife art- feel free to drop me a line through the 'contact' page on this website.