Some of my recent wildlife watercolours. I like to think that my art improves with every painting; I rarely upload paintings I think are not up to the standard of work I'd like.

As you can see, until recently I used gouache quite a bit in my work- I have since attempted to paint, for the most part, primarily in watercolour. Planning prior to starting a painting is essential in order to preserve the white of the paper, rather than heightening later with white gouache. 

Most of the work below is for sale. Feel free to contact me for details.

curlew painting motorway watercolour

'The Cry of the Curlew', Watercolour, 13 x 11 inches. €320 unframed. This was shortlisted for the 2019 David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year competition, in the'Human Impact' category (I think the painting and it's title speak for themselves)

Barn owl night.JPG

'Ghost of the meadow'- Watercolour, 10 x 8 inches. €150 unframed + p&p.

Sparrowhawk and Chaffinch painting

'Sparrowhawk and Chaffinch'- Watercolour/ Gouache, 12 X 16 inches. €220 framed + p&p.

Hen Harriers.JPG

'Hen Harrier Food-Pass, Bockagh'- Watercolour, 12 X 16 inches. €240 (unframed). A rare sight on Irish bogs nowadays, the spectacular food pass of the Hen Harrier is depicted here. The female rises from the nest, and grabs the food caught by the male bird, in mid air.

Kingfisher watercolour painting river

Kingfisher, 19 X 26 cms, Watercolour

corncrake watercolour painting

'Corncrake'- Watercolour, 19 X 26 cms

Raven lamb paintin watercolour

'They Shall Come in the Black Weathers'-  Watercolour- 22 X 13 inches. A large painting, this took much longer than it should have. I wanted it to turn out a certain way- this is a rare case of an artist's vision actually materialising! €320 unframed.

woodcock painting winter watercolour

'Slim Pickings'- Watercolour, 13 x 6 inches A group of woodcock emerge from the safety of the forest undergrowth to forage at the edge of a snow- covered field as the evening light fades. Although a relatively common bird, the woodcock is rarely seen. It is a mysterious and peculiar bird, and much has yet to be learned about its habits. €140 framed.

Pheasant paining watercolour

'Old Irish Pheasants', Watercolor, 12 x 16 inches. €280 unframed.

goden plover killary harbour leenane watercolour

'Golden Plover at Killary Harbour, Leenane, co. Galway', Watercolour, €120 unframed.

red grouse in fight painting watercolour bog

'Coming in from the Hills' -  Watercolour, 12 X 16 inches.

A favourite bird of mine to paint, the Red Grouse is widespread but rarely seen throughout Ireland, and a largely underrated gamebird here. €220 framed + p&p. Enquiries via Contact page.

kestrel hovering watercolour painting

'Kestrel Hovering'- Watercolour, 12 X 16 inches. This was a first for me at the time- the depiction of an aerial view with a bird in flight. €220 framed + p&p.

'Whooper Swans, Lough Gara, co. Sligo'. Watercolour, 25 x 16 inches. Sold.

'Poolbeg Peregrine', Acrylic on Paper, 12 x 16 inches. €300 unframed.

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