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Welcome to my Blog!

This section of my website is intended to become a regularly updated blog, in which I will post regularly on the progress of new paintings, my struggles with those new paintings (I'll even post about the many that will inevitably get thrown into the fire in frustration!), the watercolour techniques I use (what I find does and doesn't work for me), and even maybe the odd tutorial. There will even be non- art related posts from time to time. The idea behind this blog is that it will be an informal, often light- hearted insight into my progress in the medium of watercolour, and in the art world in general, intended for wildlife enthusiasts, art enthusiasts and people who may be thinking of getting into painting themselves. I'm determined not to let this blog go the way of so many new, exciting ideas I've had that just fizzle away after a few weeks, so watch this space! Conor

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